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Digital marketing appeals to people from different walks of life – those dreaming of freelancing, professionals aiming to boost their careers, and business owners excited about using digital tactics. But here’s the catch: lots of folks find it tough to figure out how to learn it properly.

Some end up randomly reading stuff without a clear plan, while others only try to learn when they absolutely need to. It’s like wandering without a map or just picking up things when they seem urgent. This confusion often leaves them feeling lost and unsure about how to really get good at digital marketing.

Why Brandbizztech is best institute in Jalandhar for Digital Marketing Internship?

Hands-On live projects at brandbizztech

1.Hands-On Live Projects in Digital Marketing

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of digital marketing with hands-on live projects right here in Jalandhar. Our internship program is designed to provide you with practical experience, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the real challenges that lie ahead in your digital marketing career.

2. Internship with Real Assignments to create Real Impact

Embark on an internship journey that goes beyond theoretical learning. Contribute to actual digital marketing campaigns with tangible impacts, all while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Jalandhar. Our carefully curated assignments ensure you’re not just a spectator but an active participant in the Jalandhar digital marketing landscape.

Internship with real assignments at Brandbizztech
expertise guidence at brandbizztech

3. Mentorship and Tailored Guidance by Experienced Digital Marketing Professionals

Embark on your digital marketing journey with confidence through our mentorship program led by the seasoned professional, Poonam Verma.

 With an illustrious career spanning 12 years in the teaching field, including a prestigious tenure as an Apeejay lecturer, Poonam has seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic realm of digital marketing,

accumulating six years of invaluable experience. Her expertise extends to working with renowned brands, where she has made significant contributions to the digital landscape.

As your mentor, Poonam provides tailored guidance that marries the best practices of academia with the real-world demands of the digital marketing industry. Benefit from her wealth of knowledge, personalized feedback, and one-on-one sessions designed to illuminate your path in the ever-evolving digital terrain.

Join our program, and let Poonam Verma guide you towards success in the world of digital marketing.

4. Professional Recognition

At Brandbizztech, we value your commitment and dedication throughout our Digital Marketing Internship Program. As a testament to your hard work and hands-on experience, we proudly provide you with a valuable Internship Certificate upon successful completion.

Professional Recognition in digital marketing

Internship certificate from Brandbizztech is symbol of your proficiency and accomplishment in the dynamic realm of digital marketing

We are pleased to share

  • Brandbizztech is officially registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), adding a layer of authenticity to your internship certificate.
  • ISO Certification: Our commitment to providing a high-quality learning experience is evident through our ISO certification, ensuring that your internship has met rigorous standards.

Digital Marketing Internship Program Overview:

For Portfolio Builders - Stipend Internship:

  • Engage in real-life projects: post designing, blog writing, YouTube content creation, video editing, and campaign setup.
  • Receive a stipend for practical experience and a robust portfolio.
  • Ideal for individuals with a thorough understanding of digital marketing aiming to enhance their portfolios.

For Knowledge Seekers - Fee-based Internship:

  • Work on diverse tasks: post designing, blog writing, YouTube content creation, video editing, and website designing.
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills essential for the digital marketing industry.
  • Perfect for students with little or no practical knowledge, willing to invest in industry-standard preparation.

Versatile Online and Offline Internship Opportunities:

Online Internship:

    • Engage in live, interactive classes led by industry experts.
    • Apply knowledge through assignments on real-world projects.

Offline Internship:

      • Choose part-time or full-time options for flexibility.
      • Experience in-person collaboration, mentorship, and exposure to the company’s culture.

The Life-Changing Impact of Digital Marketing Internship :

The Brandbizztech Digital Marketing Internship isn’t just a program; it’s a life-changing opportunity right here in Jalandhar. Here’s how:

Skill Development for High paying job

Acquire a diverse skill set covering SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and more, specifically tailored for the Jalandhar market. These skills aren’t just for an internship; they’re for a lifelong career in digital marketing in Jalandhar.

Resume Enhancement for Digital Marketing Job Roles

Stand out in the competitive job market with a resume that showcases your hands-on experience and real achievements in the Jalandhar digital marketing landscape.

Confidence Boost in the field of Digital Marketing

Nothing boosts your confidence like successfully executing a digital marketing campaign in the local market. Our interns leave the program with the confidence to tackle challenges specific to Jalandhar and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape in the city.

Career Path Illumination in Jalandhar:

Discover your passion within the vast field of digital marketing, specifically in Jalandhar. Our internship acts as a compass, helping you identify your strengths and interests, guiding you towards a fulfilling career path right here in Jalandhar

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