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Six Months Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar

6 months are going to be over in 2024, and you still haven’t achieved your New Year resolution to master the art of digital marketing. But it’s still not too late. Did you know that Brandbizztech has just launched their latest full-funnel digital marketing course in Jalandhar?

We will teach you:

What is digital marketing? How much income you can expect as a fresher in the market? What are the industry standards for digital marketing?

All these just by doing a 6-month digital marketing course in Jalandhar. 

In this course, you will learn various deep and untouched concepts of digital marketing, which you might not even have heard of. From What is Digital Marketing to How to satisfy your client, everything will be covered effectively and efficiently. We will teach you:

What are the five pillars of effective digital marketing strategies? What are the three main components of digital marketing? How do you track trends in digital marketing? What is AMP? What is Conversion optimization?

These are the things which are not covered or taught in most of Digital Marketing courses in Jalandhar; they will just tell you some basic Canva designing, How to post on social media, and some basic tactics of SEO. But here at Brandbizztech, you will learn the actual full-funnel digital marketing. Here’s why you should not delay anymore!

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Many universities and colleges offer degrees in digital marketing, ensuring their syllabus and curriculum align with the latest industry needs. Despite this, a common issue lies in the theoretical nature of their facilities and teaching systems.

Recognizing the challenges faced by graduates in the job market, our six-month course is specifically designed to accommodate students from non-computer backgrounds. While graduation provides eligibility, acquiring skills is essential for overcoming the job search challenges.

Throughout the six-month program, the initial two months cover basic concepts and analytics. The subsequent two months are dedicated to in-depth exploration of a specific area, such as social media, SEO, content, or email marketing, through hands-on projects. The final two months involve learning from different marketing areas and collaborating on team projects.

This structured approach allows students to cultivate expertise in one area (V-shaped) while gaining a broad understanding of various aspects (T-shaped). This dual focus prepares graduates for the dynamic nature of the digital marketing field.

Upon completion of the course, students not only possess a robust foundation in digital marketing but also boast a compelling portfolio. This portfolio equips them to apply for various job roles in the digital marketing industry with confidence and competence.

Module 1 : Introduction to Digital Marketing:

In this module, we will cover Basic Concepts of

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing fundamental
  • Need of Digital Marketing
  • Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing
  • Integrated approach of marketing
  • Challenges and scope of Digital Marketing
  • Analysing the business requirement
  • Creating Buyer Persona
Module 2 : Website Essentials
  • Understanding and setup Domains names and Hosting for Business
  • Understanding the basic fundamental of Website Creation
  • CMS and WordPress dashboard understanding
  • Learn to create mobile friendly websites like blog , corporate, and E-Commerce Websites
Module 3 : Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding of working of search Engines
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Local SEO (Google My Business)
  • On Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off Page SEO and
  • Backlinking
Module 4: Website Performance
  • Setup and Dashboard understanding of Google Search Console
  • Understanding Google Analytics’s dashboard detail
Module 5 : PPC Ads ( Pay Per Click)
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup and creating different types of Ads
  • Facebook Ads Campaign Setup and understanding Facebook Ads Manager
Module 6: Social Media Handling
  • Analyse the media and building the marketing strategy for business where their audience hangs out
  • Profile set up and Social Media Optimization
    understanding Posting and Content types for social media platform Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
Module 7: Email Marketing
  • Need of email marketing
  • Learn to grow your email list.
  • Mastering Email Automation
Module 8: Content Creation
  • Create a content strategy for business
  • Create SEO optimized blog posts and engaging video content.
  • Understanding AI content Creation Tools
    Analyzing the impact of your content marketing efforts.
Module 9: Online Reputation Management
  • Learn tools to monitor your brand’s online presence.
  • Building the strategy to deal with crisis
Module 10 : Capstone Project:

Apply your Knowledge and understanding on a real-live projects. Plan, Execute and Apply your Skills to show your expertise

who is eligible for Digital Marketing ?

Within the framework of our six-month digital marketing course, we offer comprehensive insights into all digital marketing modules. Regardless of whether you have completed twelfth grade or are currently pursuing a degree in B.Com, B.B.A, B.C.A, or post-graduation in any discipline, this course is open to you. The design ensures accessibility for individuals with both computer and non-computer backgrounds.

Tools you will going to learn in Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing courses tools
Digital Marketing Course tools
Digital Marketing Course tools
Website Monitoring : Digital Marketing tools
Digital Marketing Tools
You don't need any professional software to amazing designs
Analyze your competitors with Ubersuggest
Get understanding of cPanel
Google Ads
Digital Marketing Tools
Grammerly : A tool make your content grammer mistakes free
Learn to create content through ChatGPT
Facebook Marketing
CapCut: Amazing app for Video Editing
Digital Marketing Tools

Job Opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing

The dynamic landscape of digital marketing, driven by the increasing online presence of businesses, creates a continuous demand for skilled professionals. This trend results in numerous job opportunities across diverse roles within the digital marketing field.

Digital Marketing Manager

One prominent role is that of a Digital Marketing Manager. In this position, individuals serve as team leaders, formulating marketing strategies, overseeing their execution, and analyzing team performance.

Social Media Manager

Another essential role is that of a Social Media Manager. Tasked with crafting strategies, designing content, scheduling posts, and analyzing performance, Social Media Managers handle various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Content Creation Manager

Content Marketing Managers play a vital role in generating content for diverse online platforms. Their responsibilities encompass creating articles for blogs, crafting social media content, writing emails, and developing ad copy to captivate and engage target audiences.

SEO Manager

An SEO Specialist concentrates on optimizing websites to enhance search engine rankings, thereby driving organic traffic and improving visibility in search results.

PPC Manager

Taking charge of campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media, PPC Managers play a crucial role in driving traffic and conversions for businesses.

Trainer in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trainers contribute to the industry by educating individuals on digital marketing strategies, tools, and helping them acquire the necessary skills.

Brand Managers

They focus on preserving the brand image across various online platforms, ensuring alignment between marketing strategies and business goals. This diverse array of roles reflects the multifaceted nature of the digital marketing field, offering opportunities for professionals with various skills and expertise.

Why to enroll in 6 Months Digital Marketing Course from Brandbizztech

Admission process

Fill the Application Form and recieve callback and you will also get a email from us
we are also providing demo lecture fascility that helps you in deciding about the course joining and you will charges only 500/- for demo lecture
if you join the course your 500/- will be adjusted in the fees
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Meet your Mentor

Poonam Verma: Digital Marketing Expert Trainer

  • Over a decade of teaching experience
  • Former professor at Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar
  • Entrepreneur and founder of Tinklehoops, a successful online jewelry brand
  • Five years ago, she transitioned into a digital marketing trainer in Jalandhar
  • Explore her online presence by searching on Google or visiting her website at https://poonamverma.in
  • An impressive track record of training thousands of students
Digital Marketing course Mentor: Poonam Verma

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