3 months Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar

Three Months Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar

Need and Scope of Digital Marketing in Jalandhar

With the advancement of technology, both mobile and internet access have become more affordable. More people are now consuming information and exploring products online. Therefore, it is essential for every business to establish an online presence.

Online businesses require a website, social media presence, advertising, email marketing, and more to establish their brand in the market. This trend has led to the creation of job opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

Key Challenges on the Path to Your Dream Job in Digital Marketing

The government is making efforts to skill our youngsters for jobs in digital marketing. Various computer-related courses, such as office automation, e-commerce, and digital marketing, aim to prepare students for diverse roles in the computer and digital marketing fields.

However, the current situation is not ideal. Despite good grades, students lack practical skills and hands-on knowledge. It’s like teaching camera angles without actually holding a camera. The main limitation faced by students is having a degree and good scores but lacking practical knowledge.

In today’s scenario, having a portfolio showcasing your capabilities is crucial. To build a strong portfolio, practical experience with real-life projects is a must. That’s why I’ve designed this digital marketing course, providing insights into the practical aspects of the field and offering opportunities to work on live projects to enhance your portfolio.

With strong mentorship and the right direction, you’ll be closer to achieving your goals, ultimately helping you land your dream job.

What You Will Learn in Three Months Digital Marketing Course

Numerous institutes and colleges in Jalandhar offer Digital Marketing courses in offline mode. You may wonder how I stand out from the rest.

My 11 years of experience as a college lecturer set me apart. My job exposed me to the limitations in assisting students, highlighting the gap between education and industry. This experience strengthens my vision for education, motivating me to create a distinctive course.

Now, you might be wondering how, as a college teacher, I can prepare you for the digital marketing industry. Well, alongside my role as a teacher, I’ve been actively freelancing and collaborating with various brands. I’ve even established an e-commerce brand called Tinklehoops with the goal of offering internships and hands-on experience to students, providing a real-world understanding of digital marketing concepts, online sales, entrepreneurship, and more.

Let’s delve into the modules of the Digital Marketing course we offer, available in both online and offline modes.

Our three-month Digital Marketing course comprises all modules of Digital Marketing. We kept in mind, while designing this course, that it is tailored for beginners lacking a basic understanding of Digital Marketing, but who wish to kickstart their careers quickly or acquire skills while planning to go abroad.

Add Your Heading Let me provide insights into all the modules of the three-month Digital Marketing Course:

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
In this module, you will learn about the need for marketing, the significance of Digital Marketing for businesses, case studies of brands that have achieved remarkable success in the digital marketing field, and industry-related terms.

Module 2: Bringing Business Online
Understanding the steps involved in bringing any business online, such as purchasing a domain name, hosting, nameserver settings, the need for CMS, effective design principles, and web content strategy.

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization
This module covers important topics like Search Engine workings, basics and types of SEO, keyword research, website audit, and backlink outreach aimed at building a quality backlink profile to increase the authority of your website.

Module 4: Social Media Handling
Get to know how to set up and market your brands on different social media platforms, campaign setup, analytics, and reporting.

Module 5: Email Marketing
Explore the need for Email Marketing, how to build a customer base, set up Email campaigns, design emails, and analyze the success rate through reporting.

Module 6: Pay Per Click (PPC)
Learn the process of setting up a Google Ad Account, writing effective ad copy, optimizing landing pages, adjusting bids and budgets, and monitoring ad performance for optimization.

Content Marketing
Understand how to use storytelling, create engaging and shareable SEO-optimized content, and explore the use of AI in content generation.

Web Analytics and Reporting
Familiarize yourself with website monitoring and performance check tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Gain an understanding of setting up dashboards and creating effective reports.

Are you ready to become a Digital Marketing Pro? Enroll yourself in our 3-month Digital Marketing course with offline classes in Jalandhar. If you are from any other city, you can also enroll in online interactive classes with hands-on real projects.

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Meet your Mentor

Poonam Verma: Digital Marketing Expert Trainer

  • Over a decade of teaching experience
  • Former professor at Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar
  • Entrepreneur and founder of Tinklehoops, a successful online jewelry brand
  • Five years ago, she transitioned into a digital marketing trainer in Jalandhar
  • Explore her online presence by searching on Google or visiting her website at https://poonamverma.in
  • An impressive track record of training thousands of students
Digital Marketing course Mentor: Poonam Verma